Free Infrastructure

That's our plan. That's what we're doing.

You need a VPN for something? No problem!

You need to meet with friends/classmates/wtf? No problem!

You need a way to tutor your students remotely? No problem!

We don't believe in paid solutions. We're setting up all our systems and services based on open source software. We don't charge anyone for our services (but we're not mad if you want to donate something ;)... )


Same ressources for everyone(*)

We don't believe in paid premium services or something like that

With Open Infrastructure everyone get's the same ressources.

(*) Except schools, universities, charity organisations, hackspaces, etc. We have some other ressources spare, especially for you.



How we're supporting you/your organisation?

This isn't our main project. We just working on it on our spare time. Please keep this in mind. We're always trying to provide the best support and uptime for you. If you wanna know more about us click below.



At last some informations about Open Infrastructure

Statistics / Monitoring

We love data porn, but hate logs!
Check out our Grafana here.

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