Urgent Help needed?

That's how you reach us.


Because there are reasons to contact us. Not at last because somethings broken. Some people rely on this services.

Whats Urgent?

Please keep in mind, that we do this in our spare time. We aren't capable of full enterprise grade support.

If you're unsure about the urgency of your problem check below. If it matches, it's urgent.

  • Do you like to transfer knownledge with our infrastructure and somethings wrong?
  • You found a possible data breach?
  • Our infrastructure is unplanned down?
  • You've been threatened thru our infrastructure (CLICK HERE)
  • Something else. But it's urgent! I Promise!

If anything of the above applies or if you really think, thats an emergency, you can reach "thies" via mobile phone: +49 152 2748 9913

Please keep in mind: If you're going to propose some business idea thru the emergency number, we will most likely public shaming you for ignoring the effort from some people building infrastructure...